Dr Victor J. K. Benebo

Managing Director, Phillips HMO

Phillips HMO as a service company combines the principles of Insurance and Health Management to provide prepaid, comprehensive, qualitative, and affordable health care services through a network of efficient Health Care Providers.

Incorporated on 5th April 2019, we are a corporate organization and a member of the Phillips Consulting Group a leading business and management consulting firm, serving clients across Africa. Whilst staying true to our roots, we remain globally focused on our reputation as the Phillips brand which includes maintaining/upholding its integrity as a leading provider of qualitative transformation, Health and Technology

With a rich collection of highly skilled and experienced professional and an overwhelming culture of excellence, we help solve the problem of access to quality healthcare through partnership with quality providers across Nigeria preventing individuals and families from catastrophic health expenditure.

From our operational based in Lagos, we have a 24-hour state of the art call center with multiple call channels and a good IT driven process that guarantees easy enrollment and seamless access to care.


  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: We are empathetic and compassionate in our business dealing with our enrollees and clients. This customer- centric culture creates series of positive health experiences through maximized services and sustained relationships
  • RELIABILITY: We walk our talk
  • RESPONSIVENES: In all our dealings, speed is of importance because we value our obligations to stakeholders as at when due.
  • ETHICS: We are governed by ethical principles and we deal with our obligations to stakeholders as and when due.
  • TENACITY: We hold very dear our contractual and the Phillips HMO pledge; to meet and surpass the health care need of our clients at all times.


To make healthcare available for everyone.


To deliver health care that works for you.


With a strategic objective to be the first-choice HMO in Nigeria and Africa, the entire managed care function of Phillips HMO is tailored and effected through a seamless process, such that our subscribers have a real experience of care, flexibility and value for their lives.

Our robust health care products are customer centric and wellness-oriented, tailor made to accommodate the Formal and informal sectors which includes single individuals, families, schools, large and upcoming corporate bodies, SME’s, religious and social groups.

Onboard Phillip HMO, the subscriber enjoys a second to none / exceptional access to primary, secondary, and tertiary care made available by our strategic partnerships with top notch medical facilities and organizations both domestically and globally.  We also focus on preventive care and wellness programs, workplace safety training, Health education and promotion keeping us abreast with the multifaceted needs of our esteemed customers / subscribers.


DR. Victor j. k. Benebo

Managing Director

Meet our team!


Olubunmi Falua

Head of Admin and Finance


Khans Ossai

Head, Underwriting


dr. Joyce F. Olaniyi-George

Head, Clinical Services


Femi Duduyemi

Head, Business Development

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