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So we all get ill from time to time. No-one is in perfect health all the time.

That said, there are some symptoms that may mean more than we think. These symptoms should always be reported to the hospital because, in some bad cases, they point or lead to some really bad conditions.


Here are 5 of such symptoms :

(1) Bad Headaches.

Everyone has had headaches multiple times. In fact, more than half of the entire world has a particular type of headache disorder.

Bearing this in mind, I will need to describe the type of headache that you should report to the hospital :

  • The headache is really bad.
  • The headache is sudden in onset
  • The headache comes with neck stiffness, body weakness, visual problems etc
  • Headaches that fit this category can be as a result of bleeding into the brain.


(2) Unexplained Weight Loss.

For those who are working hard to lose some weight, you most likely wouldn’t be too worried about this.

But if you know that you’re still finishing multiple De Rica of rice at a go, then you should see your Doctor if you’re suddenly losing a considerable amount of weight.

Sudden, unexpected weight loss could be a sign of infection, digestive disorder or Cancer in the worst cases.


(3) Blood in Urine or Faeces.

Problems affecting the kidney and urinary tract can cause blood in urine. Other common causes are Prostate problems and Bleeding disorders.

As for blood in stool, this could be due to Complicated stomach ulcers, Haemorrhoids, Digestive disorders and Cancer.

Whether the blood is bright red, dark red or even black, you should see your Doctor urgently.


(4) Hopelessness

I usually say that Depression is much more than just feeling sad. Sometimes, recognising depression isn’t easy, even for Doctors.

Because of this, I’ll list out the signs I want you to look out for :

  • Feeling hopeless/helpless
  • Feeling tired and/or irritable ALL the time
  • You’ve stopped enjoying activities that you used to love ( like playing video games, going out to restaurants, having sex etc.)
  • Poor appetite with possible weight loss

If you tick most or all of these boxes, please see your Doctor as soon as possible.


(5) Persistent Chest and/or Stomach pain

Do you have frequent bouts of chest and/or abdominal pain? Now, the pain doesn’t have to be so so severe, but it keeps showing up.

If you do & you haven’t seen a Doctor about it or you haven’t been diagnosed/treated for it, then you’ll need to see a Doctor as soon as you can.

There are many conditions that could be responsible for the chest pain or abdominal pain, and many of them get worse if left untreated.

There are other symptoms you shouldn’t ignore like Unexplained swelling of the legs/feet, Changes to the size/colour of moles on your body and Sudden weakness of a part of the body.

Unfortunately, I can’t possibly discuss all of them.

All I can say is this : Report any unusual, worrisome changes you notice in your body.

Acting fast is usually a good medical decision.