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When it comes to the conversation about body weight, most women are looking for ways to lose weight. A curious thing you tend to notice though, is that they would like to retain the “weight” in their breasts, hips and butt.

For many women who say that they want to gain weight, what they really mean is “I want to have bigger breasts and a bigger butt”

Apetamine is a popular drug that promises to give this curvy, rounded figure. But does it work? ➡️

The main ingredient in Apetamine is a compound we call Cyroheptadine.

Cyroheptadine (also known as C4) is used in treating symptoms of allergy like rhinitis and conjunctivitis. The thing about C4 is that it has been noted to lead to weight gain.

So the truth is that using Apetamine can help you gain weight by stimulating your appetite.

But is it safe in the long run? Let’s find out.

Apetamine is not licensed for use in the US, UK & many other developed countries.

Medication becomes a poison when it is used wrongly. The reason why I say this is because one of the major problems with Apetamine is that it is abused.

Many women who take it misuse it, because they have seen their favourite online influencers endorsing it as a drug that will make them look like Kim Kardashian.

When a drug that is designed to treat allergies is now being used (without proper prescription) as a weight gain supplement, problems are bound to arise. Let’s discuss these problems.

The major side-effect seen in women who use Apetamine is Drowsiness.

Women who have used it also give details of shaky hands, collapsing on the stairs and in the street, ultimately leasing to hospitalisation.

Studies are also starting to show that Apetamine can lead to Jaundice and Liver damage in the long run.

This is why top retail websites like Amazon are taking action to remove Apetamine from their websites.

So what’s the verdict?

The main danger with Apetamine appears to lie in the fact that It is also being used for the wrong reasons at the wrong doses by many women.

In life, shortcuts tend to cut lives short.

No “body goals” is worth your health or your life 🙏🏾